Greetings from the Wirral

Just spent the evening linking up my sister's old laptop to the new wireless broadband connection in my parents' house...

HOLY CRAP!! My dad is now officially a silver surfer!

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. And your fun has just begun. Giving a cast off to my father a couple of years back has resulted in a dreaded phrase whenever I visit of "Oh, while your here......"

    A couple of hours later I continue to rue the day I passed the PC on.

  2. In September 1937I bought my wifea new electric wireless for

    8s 6d. She's still using it every day & it's never needed repair!

  3. Keith is right. You will be maintaining this daily for the rest of your life.

    My father is a scientist himself and reasonably capable in general, but I have had this sort of ongoing computer maintainance issue for years now. An item of kit will work perfectly for us for months and install fine when I am there, but a week later will develop some strange and intermittant error which will then take hours to track down over the phone. I think he has some sort of printer curse. He could make a fortune selling his services to HP to hang around large office buildings condemming them to buying hundreds of new printers when the old ones spontaneously break!

  4. Tell me about it.

    I am already painfully familiar with said laptop, having spent large chunks of the last three years trying to undo all the mess my sister had created on it - with limited success.

    Why do people load crap onto PCs?

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