Top Secret Santa

"The ridiculous things I have to do for your daughter!" I complained to Carolyn's mum, showing her the text message Carolyn had sent me five minutes earlier:

Do you fancy bringing the mice with you? Secretly of course!

Carolyn's mum, being Carolyn's mum, is used to this sort of thing. She handed over the cage containing the three white mice that Carolyn's kids are getting for Christmas and wished me good luck.

How to smuggle a cage of mice into Carolyn's house without any of her extremely observant children noticing? Answer: Transfer them from the boot of my car to the boot of Carolyn's car, then go into Carolyn's house and create a distraction while Carolyn transfers the mice from the boot of her car into some hidey-hole inside the house. It worked like a dream.

So I can now add rodent smuggling to the lenghy list of ridiculous tasks Carolyn has set me over the years.

Merry Christmas!

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Richard Carter

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  1. At last, you didn't have to say "I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for those pesky kids"

    I don't know who is sadder, you for posting today, or me for reading and commenting.

    All the best to you Richard, and your other reader.

  2. The saddo's that visited on Christmas day were greeted with a banner wishing Merry Christmas to both of Richards readers. I can not read so it must be you Nite Owl, and A N Other (whose signature I have seen many times but I am yet to meet in person).

  3. As my initials are A N, I have been tempted, on occasion to change my surname to....................Elk.

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