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Times: Your stars for 2007

In the first part of a two-week horoscope special, Shelley von Strunckel explains why next year is all about healing the planet—and it starts with balancing your own personal ecosystem…

March 21–April 19

You struggle to maintain your inner balance this year. While your independent streak is a strength, it sometimes turns into rebellion, as could be the case early in 2007, when you're given advice. Once you realise others are wiser, however, you'll listen. This begins an informative year, in which challenges provide a springboard for valuable insights. Thus, by mid-May, when your ruler Mars's move into Aries begins an intensive six-week-long review of your life, you're up for it. What's more, with your world in constant transition, you're challenged to justify goals, personal and otherwise. This is timely, since, with eclipses in March, late August and September shaking up elements of your daily life, work and obligations, a regular reorganisation is inevitable. More important, you finally make the link between your energy crashes and clashes with others, and your tendency to overcommit. Instead of vowing to become better organised, you begin meditating and suddenly seem to have more hours in each day.


Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.

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  1. My wife is Aries also.

    They get about -3/10 for her - not only does nothing written apply, but it can't even be read in retrospect onto any of the major events of 2007 - and they were pretty major last year.

    Of course it could be that it's spot-on and she's just not telling me....

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