All quiet on the Preston front

From an online chat with Carolyn last week (edited slightly for brevity, with typos corrected):

Carolyn: We're going to get about 3 Black Rock chicks in a couple of weeks. The farmer is a right Yorkshire man. He was very put out when I asked for day old chicks and asked if they had to be exactly 1 day old. When I asked him what age he was thinking of, he said 'Well, they're only day-old for 1 day - would you mind if they were 3 day old?' - When he said that, I could see his point. He also informed me, obviously having decided that I was a bit naive, that the chicks would be the size of an egg when they hatched and therefore I wouldn't need a giant box full of hay and sawdust for just 3 of them! He's going to sell me 'eater' [heater] and as long as I've got 'eater' I can have as many as I want! He wasn't impressed with my idea of taking a hot-water bottle for the car journey. I'm looking forward to meeting him - he sounds great fun - a bit like those farmers on the old James 'erriot programmes.

Me: Where does he live?

Carolyn: eeee, ee's a long way... Up near Preston in a place called Much Moor or something. I've forgotten now. In fact someone from t'Wirral 'ad just phoned 'im before I did and they though it was too far to go.

Me: If he's from near Preston, then he's Lancashire, not Yorkshire!

Carolyn: Well, they sound very similar. It did say Lancashire on the address somewhere. Maybe he moved when he got married about 40 years ago and retained the accent.

As usual, you can't fault Carolyn's logic.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. "Well, they sound very similar." !!!! Is this Carolyn part of 'The Green Wellie Brigade' from south of the Watford Gap?

    David ( Red Rose and Proud) OK, we lost last time, but next time watch out!

  2. Carolyn, like me, is from the Wirral - as was Nelson's mistress, Emma Hamilton, who would, therefore, have talked with a Cheshire accent, not, as Stephen Fry claimed on QI the other night, a Lancashire one. Mind you, I suppose Cheshire would sound exactly the same as Lancashire to a Brummie like Fry.

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