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John Lanchester (London Review of Books): Riots, Terrorism etc

Nick Davies's Flat Earth News [...] is a genuinely important book, one which is likely to change, permanently, the way anyone who reads it looks at the British newspaper industry.

A really interesting piece. It sounds like a great book. I'll certainly be buying it.

Postscript: I did indeed buy it. Review here.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. And is being further proliferated by T'Internet. Opinion vs informed opinion. We have a real chance to speak our truth but informed concensus may allude us. If the Press association rules the national agenda where are our fact checking facilities honed?

  2. I will almost certainly buy it, but I worry about this huge burden of cynicism that I'm building up. I get exasperated when TV news programmes feel they have to explain the most basic science "just in case their audience isn't familiar with it". Come the next lunar or solar eclipse the TV news graphics department will be producing something that has been explained dozens of times before. FER CRYIN' OUT LOUD!!!!!! If they really believe there are some people who have forgotten it from last time 'what the hell', they'll forget it this time too. And matron will be round later with their medication. And if anyone has never had it explained to them before, again 'what the hell', they are younger than five years old and will be taught it in school.

  3. Really, I despair of some people (well, I would, wouldn't I)...

    There aren't any matrons left these days!

  4. I know.......they've had their jobs 'eclipsed' by trumped-up staff nurses. Yoghurt (may I call you Yoghurt?) we need to see a graphic to show how that happened........

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