I'd like to thank my produther, my thpeech thewapitht…

One of my Scottish moles has provided me with hi-definition photos from Stense's Bafta triumph last Friday:

Stense's speech Stense acting the goat


She doesn't like to boast, but I can vouch from personal experience that Stense also has a rather magnificent pair of golden globes. I'm doing my best to obtain photos, dammit!

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Gore Vidal once said that when a friend is successful a little bit of him dies. Now I love old Gore but that's Bollocks! It's great when your friends are successful cause you can bask in their glory safe in the knowledge that when Hollywood calls you'll be the true friend who pulls them out of the inevitable swan dive to drug addiction and helps them write their Oscar winner: Gruts: The Movie! The Rock as Richard Carter taking down The religious right of America armed only with single malt and robotic stealth Owl.

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