Wid of the mark

H O L Y   C R A P ! Richard Widmark has died!

I thought he'd died years ago. For absolutely yonks, I've been saying that Kirk Douglas was the last remaining cowboy from the golden era of westerns*: the movies my dad was brought up on; the movies that my dad brought me up on.

But I was wrong: Kirk wasn't the last. Richard Widmark was still around.

But I'm right now.

Take care of yourself, Kirk.

* My dad is always careful to make a distinction between 'cowboy films' and 'westerns'. Cowboy films were set in a town (which was actually a film set) and usually starred Gary Cooper; westerns were set on location out in the Bad Lands. Cowboy films would do at a pinch, but westerns were the ones to go and see.

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  1. I thought he had been sunk in the second world war. Hence the movie 'Sink the Widmark'

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