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Accentuate the negative, that's what I always say:

BBC: Pendleton misses golden hat-trick

Reigning champion Victoria Pendleton missed out on gold in the final of the keirin at the Track Cycling World Championships in Manchester…

Pendleton adds the silver to her two golds from the sprints.

Sod of, Beeb! Two golds and a silver are a hell of an achievement. Especially when you consider she'd never actually seen a bike until a week last Tuesday. Or something like that.

I think she should change her name to Victoria Pedalton.

Pedalton… Do you see what I did there?

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Page 20 of Saturday's Independent magazinelooks likea Richard Carter identity parade.

  2. Apparently, they're a type & gather together for company:-

    middle aged, bearlike chest, bearded, pullover wearing, (slightly) over weight & oh!

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