1. Gordon Brown wants to hold terrorist suspects for up to 42 days. I guess he will have to let you go now!

    ps. happy birthday. I shall toast your health with a pint of warm pond water (not). Make mine a pint of zifandel.

  2. Thanks, chaps.

    Wow, Beholder, that Wikipedia thing is even more nerdish than I am. What did we do with our time before we had computers to consume it all?

  3. Congrats, happy returns and all that.

    Don't have any Laphroig in at present, so you'll have to settle for a toast in Colila. Hope you've found a source of a few yourself.

  4. Belated birthday wishes. I wasn't on line yesterday, Did mummy hold on a bit longer just to be safe?

  5. My wife's birthday is 31 March - I always maintain that the midwife was just being kind.

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