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[Please Note: This announcement has been superseded by the major upgrade to Gruts on 01-Dec-2011.]

I've been working on a new comments feature for the Gruts website: avatars! Now, regular Gruts commenters have their own little picture next to their comments. The feature works off the email address you supply when commenting, so no email address, no avatar. Some of you occasionally use different email addresses; I have tried to cater for this.

At the moment, the avatars only appear on the recent comments page, but I will be adding them to the comments under each individual post in due course.

Apologies to any regular commenters I might have missed. Please drop me an email if you enter a comment and get the default avatar (an anonymous silhouette) and you would like a personal one. Also, if you don't like the avatar I have chosen for you, please feel free to send me another. All avatars are 48x48 pixels.

Note to Keith Beach: For some reason, your email address keeps getting lost against the comments, so your avatar isn't working at the moment. I know you supply an email address, but it gets deleted. I found a bug in the comments code which I have fixed, but you might need to re-enter your email address when you next comment.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. I'm so proud...I got mentioned by name in a blog! I can't wait to see my avatar. If it's a fat, balding, soft southerner it will be accurate but disappointing. How about one of those '300 Men' Spartans with a six pack?

  2. Nite Owl, your owl avatar didn't work because you gave a slightly different email address this time (previously, you had a dot before your surname). I have now allowed both versions, et voila! now we see a bleedin' owl.

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