Trouble brewing

BBC: Nuclear threat sparked tea worry

The threat of a nuclear attack on the UK in the 1950s caused concern over the supply of tea, top-secret documents which have now been released reveal.

Government officials planning food supplies said the tea situation would be "very serious" after a nuclear war.

Those were the days: a UK government actually getting its priorities right. Tea had got us through two world wars, and we were going to need reliable supplies to make it through a third.

Happy KettleOf course, it all started going downhill in 1938 with the invention of Nescafé. Now, we've turned into a nation of hyperactive, migrane-ridden instant coffee swillers. It was all part of a sinister American plot to destroy our empire.

More tea? Don't mind if I do!

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. If the Indians & the Chinese only realised what a hold their little dried leaves have over us, they could blockade supplies & take over the country.

  2. "I say, Carstairs, if those Russkies loose off a couple of their thermonuclear ones, there'll be a right kerfuffle and no mistake".
    "Well, Pottersby-Buttocks,if they do, I guess we'll have to have a cup of tea and a think"
    "There won't be any tea, Carstairs"
    "Oh dear".

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