Guardian: Top of the pots

Vibrant colours have featured in style magazines for a number of seasons but has this transferred to the nation's homes? Are (fingers crossed) our living rooms, kitchens and toilets really sporting zesty greens, brilliant reds and jewel-bright blues, or are we (heaven forbid) still living in a blur of beige? In an effort to create a colour picture of the nation's homes, we asked leading paint companies to reveal their top-selling shades for the past year…

Top sellers

Farrow & Ball Current bestselling greys are (in no particular order) Down Pipe, Shaded White, Parma Gray, Elephant's Breath, Light Gray, Pavilion Gray and Charleston Gray. Bold colours are also gaining ground, including Incarnadine (rich crimson red), Drawing Room Blue, Pelt (deep aubergine) and Churlish Green (yellow/green).

Incarnadine, eh? Remember, you heard it here first.

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