1. While in Cowes on the Isle of Wight yesterday, I saw a car sticker reading 'Born Once & happy with the result'. Underneath was one of those Christian fish symbols, but it had legs & the word Darwin inside. Must have been a kangaroo eater from Australia!

  2. Have one on my lamp at work (am pauper - don't have a car). Got one for a friend who, on recently driving his ...erm ...sheckshy Citroen Berlingo through Yorkshire, was overtaken by a sportscar which hovered in front of them long enough to clock in their rearview mirror my mate excitedly commenting to his wife about the sportscar's Darwin Fish. Sportscar driver then stuck his fist out the window, gave a few jubilant waves and shouts in recognition and then sped off. So beware - badge wearers are not shy in coming forward! I think you can also Fish-spot on the website too.

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