1. I've been stewing about this all week. I bet they're encouraged to say "Yo, dude" to each other, or some such. They probably group hug and hi-five each other - except for the Norfolk athletes who hi-six! OK! OK! it's better than a hundred years ago when a bunch of toffs would have been sending their valets into the arena to hold up proceedings until they'd finished tiffin....but its all posing...innit? I've also been wondering about Northern Ireland. Who do they compete with as they wouldn't be part of a 'Great Britain' team would they? Anyone know how it works? (Didn't Mary Peters come from Northern Ireland?)

  2. Yes, I worried about the Northern Ireland thing too. It turns out that Northern Ireland athletes who also hold Irish citizenship under the pre-1999 article 2 of the Irish Constitution can be selected to represent either Great Britain or Ireland at the Olympics.

    But we should still be Team UK.

    Actually, no we shouldn't; we should be the UK team.

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