Musculo-skeletal disorder

Yesterday, I noticed a leaflet pinned to the health and safety noticeboard at work entitled Musculo-skeletal disorders.

It occurred to me that Musculo would make a great name for a cartoon super-villain—a worthy adversary for Superman™ or Spiderman™ or Batman™. So, indeed, would Skeletal.

I imagine Musculo must have fallen into a vat of steroids as a child, whereas Skeletal overdosed on weight-loss tablets having been spurned as a fatty by the woman of his dreams. These two embittered men have now teamed up to wreak Musculo-Skeletal Disorder throughout the world.

Note to Marvel™ and DC™ Comics: Let the bidding war commence.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. DISORDER seems like a good supervillain name too. Probably a low-key terrorist...or a Peter Mandelson clone. My current favourite TV show is on ITV 2, called 'No Heroics', about a team of superheroes with mild powers. Watch it if you can, it's addictive and very funny. There are two superheroines who used to team up as 'Lady Trouble'...a name they now regret!

  2. From my own work base:- how about bi-polar man. (He encompasses all the other super heroes)...ha ha!

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