1. No offence taken Richard. My main concern is your choice of reading material. However, ever ready to give someone the benefit of the doubt I am assuming that you have recently been to the dentist and stumbled across this publication in the waiting room.

    Incidentally, I am sure Nite Owl will be delighted to know that my wife's name is Sharon.

  2. Thinking of tying the knot and starting a family Mr C?

    You will be pleased to know that a significant proportion of your regular contributors are Essex boys, since I was born in the county?and indeed now reside within a few miles of the town featured on the front of the featured periodical (not that I have always done so).

    At least we can help you choose a wedding venue.

    People can usually tell I'm an Essex boy from my grammar - she does have a habit of telling everyone!

  3. We went to a friend's wedding yesterday in Daventry. She had her Dr. Martens sprayed pink to match the dress.

    Incidently, my wife's name is Karen & her best friend is Stacey.

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