Overheard in the bar the other night

Have you ever been to Sea World? It's amazing. They have this killer whale named Shamu, and he does all these amazing tricks. He jumps out of the water, and he splashes everyone, and they're all delighted because they've been drenched by Shamu. It's fantastic!

I've seen whales in the Bay of Biscay too. They're totally crap. They don't do anything, they're miles away, and you can't see a bloody thing.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. I have seen Shamu (we took the kids, you understand). It is quite amusing, but mostly because there are huge red signs on all of the seats up to about row 30 saying "if you sit here you will get soaked", and even sing a little song at the beginning about how wet you will get if you sit at the front,yet people look absolutly shocked and outraged when they sit there and duly do get saturated. What exactly did they expect?

    I have a question to put to Grutters (is that the correct term?) It appears that we may have to send out 3 year old to the CofE primary school. Can I declare that science is my religion and insist that evolution is taught alongside creation in RE classes? Surely a blind devotion to scientific method could be considered as much a religion and any other....

  2. I went to Bristol once and wet myself.........that's what you get for being too close to Wales.

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