Jen was at a meeting at work yesterday in which they discussed the organisation's values. Afterwards, she asked me what my values are.

I've been giving it a lot of thought, and the only one I've managed to come up with so far is punctuality.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. I geddit! you took a long time about saying "punctuality".... They'll be asking you for your "mission statement' next. BTW one of the best cover versions is REM 'Wall of death' (original Richard Thompson again).

  2. Good effort with the Halloween look - even if I did nearly soil myself.

    My core value is decisiveness. Probably.

  3. There's actually a whole CD of Richard Thompson covers including REM's version of Wall of Death which I agree entirely is fabulous (mind you, some of the rest are awful!). Can I put in a vote for the Hindu Love Gods' cover of Raspberry Beret?

  4. With my omnipotence, I'm a little envious that I didn't think of giving the pearly gates a Halloween facelift too! Although...come to think of it, painting them black and red might have frightened those approaching!. Lovin' the 'GRUTS' temporary look - keep up the good work. I CAN get the Internet up here you know!

  5. Zimscribe, yes, in fact there are two Thommo tribute CDs: Beat the Retreat and The World is a Wonderful Place (which includes an uncredited Richard & Linda title track). They are both excellent. I also have the Hindu Love Gods album: great stuff.

  6. Mark Langford, I did the Halloween thing a few years back and it now reappears each year automagically. Gets me every time. Made me cack my pants too. Thought I'd been hacked.

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