That word I can never remember

I've given this post the above title so that, in future, I should be able to search Gruts for the phrase 'that word I can never remember' to remind me what it is. Clever, huh?

I've got a total mental block when it comes to one particular word. I know exactly what it means, and I know exactly how to use it in a sentence, but can I remember the bloody word? No I bloody well can't.

"What's that word I can never remember?" I asked Jen last night.

"Which word?"

"Exactly! The one I can't remember. The one they use when they're bunching the same types of people together on maps and stuff, based on their income or religion or anything like that."

"Oh, you mean"…

Christ, I've forgotten it again. Jen did tell me. She knew right away what I was on about. When she told me the word, I explained how I have a little mnemonic for it—I think of myself showing someone else a diagram—but it's a totally crap mnemonic, because it never helps me to remember the bloody word. Hang on, I'm going to have to ask Jen again…

Demographics, that's it! Demo-graphics: show someone a diagram, geddit?

Demographics, demographics, demographics! Easy-peasy Lemon Squezy™! Demographics!

After Jen had reminded me of the word demographics—last night, I mean, not just now—I explained that it was one of those words I have never been able to assimilate into my… And then I got a mental block on the word vocabulary.

Couldn't remember the word vocabulary. How ironic is that?

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. If you do not want to admit to the age factor, just confess to a tad too much loopy juice.

  2. I know it's age! Why do you think I spend so much time writing all this Gruts crap down? So I don't forget it!

    I reckon I've got about two years before my age overtakes my I.Q.

    (Not that I believe in I.Q., you understand.)

  3. Just to help you out, we will now all go back through the Gruts archives and put comments titled "That word I can never remember" in thousands of items - that way it can be the word you can never find either!

    Helpful hey!

  4. Deep joy: someone who shares my view that being good at IQ tests proves're good at IQ tests: nothing more.

  5. Yoghurt, do you know, I thought about mentioning that my cunning plan would fall to pieces if people started using the phrase in the comments, but thought it best not to encourage them!

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