Complexity theory

Sunday Times: Cameron Clyne: the banker who swims with sharks

… [Banker Cameron] Clyne has borrowed ideas from everyone from Starbucks to Toyota. Last year, he took his New Zealand management team to Seattle to pick up tips from the aircraft maker Boeing. "They take something like 6m parts from 400 suppliers in 40 countries and in 11 days turn it into a 747. That is complexity. We can't even get a credit-card statement and a savings-account statement in the same envelope."

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Apart from that very memorable quote, the piece was not only pretty dry (in a bad way) but included someperplexing observations, such as:

    'Despite his smart suit and grey patted-down hair, Clyne has the reassuring air of a man of the people. He was introduced to his wife, Melinda, by friends at a barbecue on Bondi beach.'

    Where the non-reassuring, non-man of the people meetshis spouse is not specified, but I don't quite see why it shouldn't be at a barbecue on Bondi beach.

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