1. Oo, Hunt's Cross! I live there! And, oo, the Runcorn bridge and expressway! I drive along that route every day to work! I'm probably completely missing the deeper message, but am nevertheless high on the same thrill that we (maybe just I) feel when we see something familiar on the telly.

  2. By a strange coincidence, Jen and I saw our own house on telly last week... In a documentary about Sylvia Plath. I shit you not.

  3. Thanks folks for all the attention. Love it that Justin recognises the backstreets of Hunts Cross an all..

    He'll also see that the route as portrayed on film is hopelessly jumbled. No sooner are we parkingnear theHunts Cross surgerythan we're spinning off gaily towards Widnes and all points beyond, Runcorn power stationmysteriously appearing on the left as we venture southwards into the badlands of Cheshire...

    By the way, I've put up a newer Dunlin video since this one: it's called 'A Gothic Fantasia, Part 1'... about nine minutes long and moving a bit closer to proper 3D animation, and something I'm feeling a bitchuffed about, whether or not anyotherbugger out there looks at it..

  4. Fitz betrays his foreign roots by referring to 'Runcorn power station'. The far more popular local name is Fiddler's Ferry power station (which I'm sure an incorrigible old folkie like Fitz would heartily approve of).

    It is the same power station which features prominently in the side-splitting TV comedy show Two Pints of Lager. I drive past it on my way to work and, on certain mornings, when the sun has just risen, and there is a layer of fog above the ground, it can look rather beautiful. Unlike the new sodding wind power station marring the moors above Rochdale, which has totally ruined the view from Blackstone Edge.

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