1. As a matter of interest, this year sees the 50th anniversary of the death of Lord Buckley. He doubtlessly inspired Tom Waites & stands in his own right as a very original talent. Check him out on Youtube, particularly his 'hip' version of Poe's 'The Raven' (which he renamed 'The Bugbird') He isn't for everyone, but as an impressionable teenager getting into 'alternative forms of audio entertainment', he held me spellbound.

  2. Just discovered two Lord Buckley pieces on my iPod, which I share (sporadically) with my 15 year old daughter - which generallly menas I have to navigate around McFly and other such abominations. Now, I didn't put the Lord Buckley stuff on there; can this mean that the years of making her listen to quality stuff in the car (starpped in to her baby seat - brainwashing with no way of escape...) have paid off?

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