2 ton truck

Carolyn has a unique style when it comes to SMS text messages. She will, quite out of the blue, start off a new conversation-thread with some utterly bizarre question. Here are the latest three examples:

Did you buy iodine or was it a comparable?

Whats the iq score for Mensa? Are u in it?

What size roughly is a 2 ton truck? Is it a big one?

Having long since given up trying to fathom the world of wonder that is Carolyn's mind, I nowadays just try to answer her questions as if I have a baldy clue what the hell she is on about. Which is how, yesterday evening, I found myself Googling: how much does a landrover discovery weigh?

1,977 kg, apparently.

I call that close enough to two tons. I would not have known that, had it not been for Carolyn. She certainly keeps me on my toes.

Oh, and for the record, I am not in Mensa, nor would I want to be: IQ tests are a big, steaming vat of bollocks.

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Richard Carter

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  1. ...which do no more than test whether or not you can do IQ tests.

  2. Years ago an acquaintance was boasting about belonging to Mensa, and asked I was too. I told him I couldn't join because I was over-qualified. He was in a snit for weeks.

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