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Hebden Bridge Times, 22-Jul-2010, p.5:

Metro rated best operator in region

A NEW survey of bus passengers in West Yorkshire has revealed that 91 per cent are satisfied with their journey.

The bus passenger survey, conducted by Passenger Focus, looked at how different operators and passenger transport executives handled key areas such as punctuality, frequency, provision of information and facilities at bus stops.

"I'm pleased that so many West Yorkshire bus passengers are satisfied with their bus journey," said Metro chairman Coun Chris Greaves.

"It's testament to the way Metro, the bus operators and the district councils work together to meet our aim of providing high quality, accessible transport for everyone in West Yorkshire."

Hebden Bridge Times, 22-Jul-2010, p.3:

All change on buses

MINIBUS users in Hebden Bridge will soon have a new operator after First lost the contract from Metro.

Nelson-based company Tyrer Tours will take over the A to E services in Hebden Bridge from October.

A Metro spokesman said: "Tendered services are publicly funded so what we're always looking for is best value for money to the public purse."

Metro and Tyrer are now in discussion over how the service will be run.

A Tyrer spokesman said: "We are over the moon to get this contract."

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  1. I gave my friend Carolyn a call on Tuesday to see how she was doing. It's the sort of thing friends do.

    "I was looking at your website the other night," she blurted. "It's not as good as it used to be."

    Carolyn may just have a point.

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