Hay-level results

Anyone who has been following the 'Recent Bookmarks' section in the Gruts sidebar recently (RSS feed here) might be forgiven for thinking that I have become an avid reader of the Daily Telegraph. There's absolutely no danger of that. But the venerable, old rag certainly seems to be taking an eminently sensible, pro-nuclear, anti-wind-powerstation stance when it comes to energy policy. Which is why it get my links. Who'd have thought it? The Torygraph talking sense, and getting its priorities right!

Don't worry, we that we can still rely on the Telegraph to take a somewhat distorted view on reality. For instance, it looks as if the unusually dry summer is going to lead to a serious hay shortage this winter. My farmer friend is certainly praying for lots more rain. When you've got scores of organic beef cattle and sheep to feed over the winter, the price of hay is a major issue for a hill-farmer working hard to make ends meet.

Credit to them, the Telegraph has picked up on this important rural issue. But what slant do they choose to put on the story?

Yes, the Telegraph still understands its readers' priorities.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. They may have to lay off one or two stable-hands, or even the upstairs chamber stable-hand.

    Weird thing is I don't remember that version of the saying "make hay while the rain pours".

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