1. But if my child turned out a girl

    I'd call her Milicent, or maybe Pearl.

    [Hummm... needs more work I suspect.]

    I knew a girl who was at Oxford with Matthew Pinsent. Apparently not only is he a multiple-gold-winning Olympic rower and got something like a first in Geography at Oxford, he's also a really nice guy. Don't you just hate people like that.

  2. Yes, but Geography isn't exactly a difficult subject, is it? You never hear anyone say, "I never understood Geography at school. I could never get my head round the concept of ox-bow lakes."

  3. Agreed. But it's also not the totally mickey-mouse subject that lots of rowers, and indeed royals for that matter, achieve very poor degrees in so that they can supposedly be on the student body.

    Oddly, I remember being taught that pH was a logarithmic scale in a geography lesson at school and wondering why they had never thought to mention it in science lessons.

  4. What a strange choice of picture. A pensive head attached to a huge back. Pointing at you.

  5. I've just realised, I don't think Matthew Pinsent is capable of having children: I'm sure I read somewhere that he was cock-less.


  6. More parents should give their children names that rhyme. Although I would imagine Val Venis the wrestler is relieved that his didn't.

  7. I work with a guy called Vince Miller. Every time someone says his name, we all sing 'we will not let you go'.....I bet he hates Bohemian Rhapsody!

  8. While we're talking about Hunts, we should finger James Naughtie for a special mention.

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