Who ate all the pasties?

Greetings from unseasonally sunny Cornwall, where Jen and I are taking a few days' holiday with our mate Bill and his gay dog, Skip.

I must say, Cornwall likes to encourage healthy competition when it comes to pasty shops:

Healthy competiton
Some Cornish pasty shops this morning.

…OK, perhaps not all that healthy.

We're off to Rick Stein's Seafood Restaurant this evening. I'll let you know if they do fish fingers.

[More holiday snaps here.]

Postscript [13-Oct-2010]: No, they don't do fish fingers. Nor scampi in a basket. Call themselves a seafood restaurant! But they do do scallops followed by turbot in hollandaise sauce, which was something of a revelation. I even enjoyed the oyster Jen let me try. I have tried for years, hitherto unsuccessfully, to enjoy oysters.

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  1. We've only really discovered Cornwall recently (well, I just rolled back the sheets & there it was) when we went to St. Ives a few weeks ago for the 'Arts Festival'. The music was good...Robin Trower...John Otway et al, but men old enough to know better, daubing blobs of paint on bits of driftwood, left me at best bemused & at worst feeling I was having my intelligence insulted.

    However...we made very good friends with Tribute bitter & Cornish rattler cider!

  2. We visited St Ives yesterday (or Stives, as I insisted on calling it). I can confirm that the Cornish ale is very good indeed.

  3. I'm very envious of you going to The Seafood Restaurant; been a few times but not for a while now. It was going there that got me interested in seafood cookery -living in Derby, as far from the sea as anywhere on this lovelyisland, it's the obvious hobby.

  4. It just struck me....If Bob Dylan had a pen name....Zimscribe!

    Wow....the spam code for this is THINK

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