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Terry Eagleton, LRB, 04-Nov-2010: Children can find ambivalence hard to handle, loving their parents but also raging against them, and some of the Brontës' fury and frustration arose from their own Janus-like situation.
Terry Eagleton, LRB, 21-Jun-2007: Orifices are seen as the places where bodies breach their boundaries and merge ecstatically into each other. Everything about the practice is ambiguous, Janus-faced, too slippery to be pinned down.
Terry Eagleton, LRB, 19-Sep-2002: This Janus-faced temporality, in which one turns to the resources of the pre-modern in order to move backwards into a future that has transcended modernity altogether, is at the heart of Modernism.
Terry Eagleton, LRB, 07-Mar-1996: It is unlikely that he would rush to endorse Angela McRobbie's heady claims for the participatory value of Japanese team-based work practices. Hall, typically more Janus-faced, sees much late-capitalist culture as 'commodified consumption', but also as a chance for popular choice and control.
Terry Eagleton, LRB, 21-Sep-1995: As the aspiring daughter of a stoutly conservative farm manager from rural Warwickshire, Eliot was conveniently cusped between traditional devotion and modern development, and sought to resolve this conflict in every piece of fiction she produced. She was painfully, creatively Janus-faced in other ways too, caught between provincial and cosmopolitan, rural and urban, masculine and feminine.

I don't know about orifices' being the places where bodies breach their boundaries and merge ecstatically into each other, but Terry Eagleton certainly seems to have something of a Janus fixation.

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