The Gruts fight in numbers

A heavy grut (I think) Heavy Gruts

Heroscape Character Bio: A MacDirk warrior swings for the head of his Grut enemy, only to have his blade deflected by the orc's armored forearm. Another swing converges with the Grut's shoulder. The MacDirk's blade is stuck, wedged between two plates of bronze armor.

Never had Liam MacDirk faced off against such a well-trained warrior. The Gruts fight in numbers; that is their strength. And yet this one orc soldier has just felled three of Liam's comrades, and Liam was poised to be next.

Frantically he tugs at his sword, trying desperately to loose it from the Grut's shoulder. It does not budge. The Grut methodically turns his head, looking at the weapon caught in his armor. He then looks up and into the frightened eyes of Liam MacDirk. The Grut's face twists into a snarled smile as he downs MacDirk number four.

The Heavy Gruts are not gifted their armor. It is earned, specially crafted for each member of the Heavy Gruts after he have proven his worthiness on the field of battle.

No, me neither.

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  1. I recognise all of the words, it's just their meaning in this combination with which I'm struggling.

  2. It's o.k. I've sussed it. It's written in American - that's why we can't understand it (spot the spelling of armour/armor). Bloody yanks - and they reckon they share our language. Johnny foreigners, all of them.

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