A surfeit of Gruts

Ivor Cutler: Gruts
The inspiration for at least one website: Ivor Cutler's 'Gruts'.

J.R. Hartley used Yellow Pages, but, this week, I successfully resorted to Amazon to track down an old book I've been after for many years. I suspect you'll be very surprised I didn't already own a copy.

Meanwhile, in related news, I also tracked down a video of Ivor Cutler performing Gruts For Tea. The video is introduced by Neil Innes, who, bizarrely seems to think Cutler's masterpiece is called Grats For Tea. Go figure.

Anyway, sit back and enjoy:

Fitz and I saw Ivor Cutler perform once. Imagine my delight when he opened the show with Gruts For Tea.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.

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  1. That's Neil Innes for you!

    The man who re-formed one of the best bands in the world & then left them high & dry when he'd had enough, leavingjust '3 Bonzos & a piano'.....check them out on youtube, why don't you?

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