How to spot a fault

On the off-chance that you are on the lookout for a geological fault-line in your garden, here is the sort of thing you should be looking for:

The Howgill Fells
The Howgill Fells yesterday.

Here, the Howgill Fells have been squashed up against the younger, limestone rocks of the Yorkshire Dales, sliding over the top of them, thereby creating the Dent Fault.

If you do happen to notice one of these in your garden, please let me know.

The Dent Fault was discovered by local lad, Adam Sedgwick, who went on to teach Charles Darwin geology at Cambridge University. He was a great geologist, but could never bring himself to accept his famous pupil's theory of evolution by means of Natural Selection.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. There is a rather famous nuclear power plant quite nearby. Far more preferable than defiling the hills with impotent wind powerstations to placate the well-meaning but utterly naive tree-huggers..

  2. The real tragedy about Fukushima is that it will make it even harder to save the planet by putting even more people off the only viable solution:

    BBC: "[Venezuela's President] Mr Chavez added that global concerns about the safety of nuclear power would boost demand for Venezuela's oil exports." Yes, that'll help a lot.

  3. Why are you so stuck on this? All nuclear power stations are potential time bombs. Or shall we just launch the spent fuel rods into space? Outa site...outa mind...outa space!

  4. I am stuck on the subject because I quite like this planet and would quite like our species' detrimental effect on it to be minimised. But we are a selfish species, so all talk of reducing our energy usage is a waste of time. We need a reliable means of generating lots of energy while putting as little CO2 into the atmosphere as possible. Nuclear energy is our only hope for achieving this.

    I also think we should tax people the more children they have.

  5. ...and if they have any cats, I presume (I know I'm poking a frog with a stick but you haven't regaled us with an anti-cat rant for a while).

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