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Hebden Bridge Times:

Class told despite improved performance

JACKS scored the first goal but Jammies ran away with 21 - 8 in the latest matches in the Todmorden Netball League.

But it was still a much improved performance from Jacks, although Jammies went into the second half leading 7-3.

Jacks are unreconisable from the team struggling for form over the last few weeks with fluid enthusiastic play.

Jammies class told in the end but Jacks made them work for every goal.

Terriers pipped Giants 15 - 12. Giants had some good defensive play but Terriers kept their cool and edged it in the last few minutes.

Both teams defended and shot well with the game going from end to end.

Bad passing let Lions down as Borough Bears beat them 19 - 12.

Bears were back to their starting seven and their passing was a lot tighter around the semi circle.

Lions came back in the second half but Bears were too strong. Pink Panthers went down 20 - 10 to Rangers in a fast paced match.

Windies had no game.

No, me neither.

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