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Fox News: Miss USA Contestants 'Scared to Death' About Evolution, Nudity Questions

Scared to death Miss USA contestantsIn on-camera interviews set to be posted on the official Miss USA website, 2011 pageant hopefuls are being asked if they believe evolution should be taught in schools, and if they would ever pose for nude photographs…

"The girls are scared to death…" said Keith Lewis … executive state pageant director for California, New York and New Hampshire. "The girls are concerned that there is a right or wrong answer. Polarizing questions often create a situation where you suffer … if you agree, and if you do not. The girls need to answer in a way that brings them to a common ground."

Coincidentally, 'do you believe evolution should be taught in schools?' and 'would you ever pose for nude photographs?' are two of my favourite chat-up lines. Which finally explains why I never managed to cop-off with any Miss USA contestants.

Thinking about it, wouldn't the world be a much better place if we left all 'controversial' questions to Miss USA contestants to find 'common ground' on behalf of all mankind? We could banish hunger and bring about world peace at the say-so on a bunch of bikini-clad babes. What's not to like? It has to be better than leaving such matters to parliamentary process and international diplomacy.

Richard Carter

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  1. 'do you believe evolution should be taught in schools?'....presumably the response is 'what's schools?'

    Miss World used to be one of the biggest events on british television, but mercifully TV bosses saw sense (and the irrelevance of it) and now we only have proper educational/informative TV.

    Why are you choking on your breakfast?

  2. "The girls are concerned that there is a right or wrong answer."

    There is. "Yes" and "Hell, Yes."

  3. 'would you ever pose for nude photographs?'

    The answer should clearly be "Yes, but not while teaching evolution. That would be asking for trouble."

  4. Funnily enough we have just got back from Lake Michigan. In Walgreens, one of the assistants had her name 'PAT' on a sash across her case comes up next week!

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