Go, Atlantis!

My mate Karen from the Beagle Project attended the last ever space shuttle launch last week. I am not at all jealous. Oh no. Not in the slightest.

Karen James and Atlantis
Karen and 'Atlantis' last week.

She even managed to wangle herself a press pass (for which, read a ringside seat), courtesy of the Guardian, and has posted her account of Atlantis's final lift-off on the Guardian science blog.

It's stirring stuff. You should go and read it.

Go, Atlantis! (cc photo: Flickr user 'wicho'

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  1. Just got back from the US, managed to catch a fleeting glimpse of the shuttle as it sped skyward. It was still awesome even from the sixty or so mile distance that I viewed it from.

    I would have posted sooner but this applet doesn't do Android.

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