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Observer: Coming home to the Yorkshire Dales

Bronte Country
Brontë country in the Yorkshire Dales

Andrea Arnold's moody adaptation of Wuthering Heights looks set to inspire renewed interest in the Brontë sisters when it opens this week.

For the twenty-five BILLIONTH time…

B R O N T Ë    C O U N T R Y    I S    N O T    I N    T H E    S O D D I N G    Y O R K S H I R E    D A L E S ! !

Look, it's PERFECTLY SIMPLE. Compare and contrast:

Malham Cove
The Yorkshire Dales (Note the sodding great hunks of WHITE LIMESTONE!)
Millstone Grit Moorland
'Brontë Country' (Note the sodding great hunks of BLACK MILLSTONE GRIT!)



Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Rocket science is relatively simple compared to most other sciences.

    We have a Bronte Avenue in Christchurch. No white rocks there either!

  2. Are you going to inform your readers that Bronte country straddles the West Yorkshire and (dare I type it) East Lancashire Pennines?

    Just in case they still don't know.

    BTW your special characters don't appear to work.

  3. Nah, that's just those sneaky Lancastrians trying to cash in on a good thing. Besides, we'll be invading East Lancs soon.

    Weird, the special characters look fine at my end.

  4. Here is an e - diaeresis:

    I just get a rhombus with a question mark in it.

    Why would you want to invade East Lancs?

  5. I come from Nidderdale.
    It is a Yorkshire Dale though, for historical reasons, it's not in the National Park.
    It features some of the best Millstone Grit climbing in the country at Brimham Rocks.
    At the head of Nidderdale stands the mighty Great Wernside, c/w a Millstone Grit 'hat'.
    Slide over the edge and you're into Wharfedale.


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