Strong winds blowing across the Trossachs

I love this weather:

The future of energy generation.
(Photo: Stuart McMahon)

If the Germans are at all consistent, they will now, no doubt, be insisting that these monstrosities are banned.

10 thoughts on “Strong winds blowing across the Trossachs

  1. I've just read the story. Apparently the turbines were not operating because it was so windy! Hang on a minute ............... no, me neither.

  2. The reassuring thing about this photo (attributed by the BBC to Stuart McMahon) is that as soon as I saw it on the news site I knew it would only be a matter of time before it appeared on gruts. Carry on.

  3. Yes, I wasn't sure -- knowing how shoddy media organisations can be at this sort of thing -- if that was really the photographer's name, or just someone who had sent it in to the Beeb... but it turns out that is indeed the photographer.

    Furthermore I've learned a new word through this: nacelle. It was the nacelle wot caught fire, you see. The nacelle.

    (I learned this via a report on a green website (actually not as vehemently anti-nuke as I expected, although I didn't look very hard). The search engines made me do it. Sorry.)

  4. A Pedant writes -
    Ardrossan isn't actually in the Trossachs you know, anymore than (say) Bronte Country is in the Yorkshire Dales. I mean it's not even near the Trossachs.
    Just saying.

  5. Old joke of mine: I always refer to Scotch winds as 'blowing over the Trossachs'. I also always make a point of saying 'Scotch', not 'Scottish'.

  6. I also saw that on the front page of a paper one morning and wondered to myself how many nanoseconds it would take for it to appear here!

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