Quixotic grouse


A red grouse tilting at a wind turbine on Thursday.

(A bird after my own heart.)

I have a cast-iron alibi

Torygraph: Sabotage suspected at toppled wind turbine as second is brought down
A 115ft wind turbine which collapsed last week may have been sabotaged, officials have claimed as it was revealed that a second has been brought down fewer than 20 miles away.

Who said there are no more heroes any more?

They're going to save the planet, apparently

BBC: Wind farms affect local weather
Wind farms can affect weather in their immediate locality, raising night-time temperatures on the ground, researchers working in Texas have shown.

They used satellite data to show that land around newly constructed wind farms warmed more than next-door areas.

The result - published in the journal Nature Climate Change - confirms an earlier, smaller study from 2010.

Alternative history

Guardian video: Robert Harris on Fatherland: 'What would have happened if Hitler had won?'

Answer: They would have banned smoking in all public buildings, started monitoring all of our personal correspondence, anaesthetised our brains with vapid television and radio programmes, banned dogs from beaches, and sold us a pack of lies about how we could combat climate change with a few windmills.

But I suppose the trains would at least run on time.

Turbine update

You might remember that, back in November 2010, I pointed out that ‘some clueless twat with more money that sense’ (who I later learnt was a friend’s uncle) had just erected a wind turbine on the moor above our house.

You might be interested to learn that the last time I saw its rotors actually rotating was well before Christmas.

They're the future, apparently.

Postscript 28-Mar-2012: The turbine has finally started turning again. I am guessing somebody from the wind turbine company came to fix it. Presumably the same somebody who is currently erecting a second turbine a short distance from the first. Will these clueless morons never learn?

Strong winds blowing across the Trossachs

I love this weather:


The future of energy generation.
(Photo: Stuart McMahon)

If the Germans are at all consistent, they will now, no doubt, be insisting that these monstrosities are banned.

Somewhere in the Pennines this morning