Going native

Yesterday, talking with Jen, and without a hint of irony, I referred to two young women we had seen the previous evening as lasses. I didn't even notice I had done it. It was Jen who pointed it out. She was highly amused.

Over ten years, I've lived in Yorkshire, and it's finally starting to rub off. I'll be rubbing cold lard on tut whippet next, mark my words.


Some Yorkshire folk yesterday
Some Yorkshire folk yesterday.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. I must dig out the 'At last the 1948 show' disc & watch the 4 Yorkshiremen sketch again.....Luxury!

  2. People are too keen to dismiss Yorkshiremen as un-educated savages....
    Here is a fine example of a Yorkshire builders joke.
    What is the difference between a joist & a girder?

    Joist wrote Ulysses & Girder wrote Egmont.

  3. No it's not; it's a crop of the picture I used in my Sebald post. It's also one of my random banner images. It is a scan of a post card I bought in a second-hand bookshop in Hebden Bridge many years ago. It is very Sebaldian.

  4. I just realised why Yorkshiremen get such a lot of flack......
    The Tetley tea folk (& their tea dance)!

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