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You have to hand it to Máel Brigte the Bucktoothed, he certainly had style:

Wikipedia: Máel Brigte of Moray

Máel Brigte, also known as Máel Brigte the Bucktoothed or Máel Brigte Tusk was a 9th century Pictish nobleman, most probably a Mormaer of Moray. He was responsible—in a bizarre posthumous incident—for the death of Sigurd the Mighty, Earl of Orkney. '

Little is known of Máel Brigte's life, but the story of his death is recorded in the Orkneyinga Saga. According to this text, Máel Brigte was challenged by Sigurd to a 40-man-a-side battle to "settle their differences". Treacherously, Sigurd brought 80 men to the fight, and Máel Brigte knew he had been betrayed when he saw that each of Sigurd's horses had two mens' legs on its flanks. Máel Brigte exhorted his men to "kill at least one man before we die ourselves" and although a fierce fight ensued he was quickly defeated and killed. Sigurd had his enemies' heads strapped to his victorious men's saddles as trophies, but as Sigurd rode home, Máel Brigte's buck-tooth scratched his leg. The leg became inflamed and infected, and as a result Sigurd died.

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