Soaking it in

I love early Springtime: flowers coming into bloom, bumble-bees buzzing around the garden, the first butterflies of the year, birds getting frolicky, the evenings getting longer. Spring is a great time to be alive.

The week before last, Jen and I went for a long paddle on the Northumberland coast. Last Sunday, I sat on a bench in the garden in my shirt-sleeves, reading the London Review of Books, drinking a mug of tea, and soaking in the sun. How perfect is that?

Our house this morning
Our house this morning.

We don't have climate in Britain; we have bloody weather.

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Yesterday lunch time we had hail stones the size of......well....hail stones, I suppose. You couldn't tell the road from the pavement & it got so dark I couldn't see my glass in front of my face.
    Come to sunny Bournemouth?

  2. Loads of weather also here in Derbyshire, the county where snow once stopped play in a county cricket June.

  3. I remember well the 9th June 1976. We had just loaded up the vans with the new signs for Good Year in Warrington & went back inside for a coffee. When we came out, there was about a foot of snow on everything without any warning. By 3pm it had all cleared, but we went up the next day instead. As the job took 3 days & being that the 3rd day was a Saturday, we scored a whole day of overtime.

  4. A breeze block wall. That half of the house used to be a barn. There is a similar arch on the other side of the barn, which is a glazed, leaking patio door (which we are about to have replaced at considerable expense).

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