Gruts: Now with its very own QR code!

Gruts QR codeGruts now has its very own, fancy QR code thingamabob. You can see it at the bottom of the sidebar on the Gruts homepage. It looks just like this.

So now, should you ever forget the web-address for Gruts, go to the homepage, find the QR code in the sidebar, and scan it into your smartphone to be taken automagically to the Gruts homepage.

Isn't modern technology wonderful?

Richard Carter

A fat, bearded chap with a Charles Darwin fixation.


  1. Can I just check that I'm understanding this one correctly:

    If you can't remember the web address for the gruts homepage ( Then all you need to do is go the the gruts homepage ( and scan the code to be re-directed to the gruts homepage (

    How did we ever live without it?

  2. There are pros and cons to QR codes. Until there's a better way (ultra-violet ink? RFIDs?) of jumping URLs from the real world into the phone, then using the QR solution may be the best we currently have. One problem is that they are easy to amusingly/rudely hijack too, with a printer and some sticky labels, or even a black pen + TippeX + a steady hand. But one of the best applications of them to date may be QRpedia -- described in this little presentation by Terence Eden, who is (of course) a QR advocate and also (I happen to know) a very nice chap to boot.

    A QR code to your blog would make a splendid tattoo upon the blog's author. Rather than handing over a business card, if you meet someone who you feel should be a new reader, you can simply remove whatever clothing obscures the thing and invite then to scan the code. Simples.

  3. Next gruts poll: Where should Richard have his tattoo?

    I vote: Dark Passions in Sowerby Bridge.

  4. It would need to be quite a big area to get in all of the intricate details.
    How about his bald spot?

  5. The QR jobbie has echoes of Rorschach tests: the Gruts one reminds me of the Flying Spaghetti Monster!

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