Small steps

In the early hours of 21st July, 1969, my Dad woke me (age 4), and carried me downstairs so that he could hold me in front of the telly as Neil Armstrong took a giant leap for Mankind. Mum thought Dad was crazy. I shall forever be in his debt.

I must have seen that footage several hundred times since, so I cannot hand-on-heart say that I remember the live event, rather than some re-run. But I saw it: that's the important thing—as Dad fully appreciated.

Thanks, Dad.

Neil Armstrong
Neil Armstrong (1930–2012)

Richard Carter

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  1. I remember the BBC doing a programme during the evening featuring Pink Floyd playing a spacey piece of music called Moonhead. We then sat glued to the tv for hours,drinking whisky & eating digestive biscuits with cheese & marmite. Funny how these memories stay! I recently found Moonhead on Youtube.

    Before you ask...yes I do remember where I was when Kennedy was shot. I was watching tv when mum said 'time for bed'. As I stood up a news flash appeared.

  2. Yes. Definitely not a slow news day. The opening words on Sheryl Crowe's first album are, "She was born in November 1963, the day Aldous Huxley died".

    Captain Beefheart claimed to have sold a vacuum cleaner to Aldous Huxley.

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