1. I was with my parents (91 & 84 apiece) when this came on the evening news. My father bluntly said "What's wrong with that?"

    I have mixed memories of my paternal grandmother who used to refer to 'pickaninnies' and could never be corrected on the terminology. My father is now equally defiant in bowing to 'namby pamby poofs' who tell him what to say.

    I despair of the older generation.

  2. I too had a father who referred to 'pikaninnies' 'sambos' & 'jungle bunnies'.
    Sometimes I wonder what would have happened had he lived long enough to meet his 'poofter' grandson. Actually, it makes me chuckle when I try & picture the scene.....three rampantly hetrosexual grandchildren & an 'uphill gardener'.

  3. I was brought up by my parents to abhor racial intolernace in all forms - and yet as a child (in the early 60s) I had a toy golliwog and was read "Little Black Sambo" - which you would like to think of as echoes of a long gone imperialist past. And then some clown pipes up with this sort of deeply offensive nonsense. You can add UKIP to Nye Bevan's quote about the Tory party for me...

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