BBC News: Pope Francis tries to build bridges in sceptical Turkey
A pontiff yesterday

Do you see what they did, there?...

Pontiff, from pontifex, from pons facere, the Latin for to make a bridge.

[My old Latin teacher, Spiny Norman, would be so proud of me.]

7 thoughts on “Pontificating

  1. Now, just a jolly moment. If Spiny Norman was your old Latin teacher, that presumably means we went to the same school, and the world has shrunk again.
    That dodgy place between Beresford and Kingsmead?

  2. There are lots of schools with that motto, but only one with a Spiny Norman, or a Rock or a Bat teaching Latin. The roads I mentioned gave enough of a clue. I think a beer some time is called for, though the details might take some sorting out. In the meantime, Laete Saturnalia, as he was wont to say at this time of year.

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