Under the Sun: The Letters of Bruce Chatwin

by Elizabeth Chatwin & Nicholas Shakespeare (eds.).

The correspondence of an unusual and gifted writer.

Under the Sun

I'm a sucker for books of correspondence. I've only read one of the late Bruce Chatwin's books, In Patagonia, many years ago, and though him an excellent writer. So, when his correspondence became available on the Kindle, I thought I'd give it a go.

I have to say, I didn't particularly like the Bruce Chatwin who emerges from his letters. He comes across as rather selfish and bossy—and incredibly unsettled. But the letters themselves are pretty interesting, showing an unusual and gifted writer trying to get his head around the writing process.

Having read Under the Sun, I shall probably now re-read In Patagonia, then give some of Chatwin's other books a try.

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