Granta 124: Travel

by John Freeman (ed.)


Granta 124

Having recently cancelled my long-standing Granta subscription, I fully expected things to pick up. They haven't. I didn't even bother opening Granta 123: The Best of Young British Novelists 4: yet another edition consumed by fiction.

True, the latest edition, Granta 124: Travel, did have a piece by one of my favourite writers, Robert Macfarlane, but the rest just didn't do anything for me, and I skipped huge chunks. As ever, there was too much fiction. Annoyingly, some of the apparently non-fiction pieces might well have been fiction too, it was hard to tell.

I'm not sure if this was my last edition of Granta before my subscription expires, or whether I still have one to go, but I'm not regretting my decision. Granta used to be a thing of great beauty, and its arrival would make my week. But it lost the plot somewhere along the way, some time after the former editor Ian Jack left.

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