Non Compost Mentis

Thought you might like to see my new compost containers. They were several weeks in the making, but I'm rather suited with them. All they need now is creosoting and something to use for a lid. I have decided that I'm going to become a bit of a compost bore. Postscript: I didn't creosote them… Continue reading Non Compost Mentis

A blight for sore eyes

No, it's not a bucket full of maggots; it's my entire potato crop for 2002. That's 63 spuds in total, with the average size of a kidney bean. Why such a poor crop? Slugs, my friend, slugs. Of course, you realise, this means war. Postscript [04-Oct-02]: They were delicious, by the way. (The potatoes, that… Continue reading A blight for sore eyes