26 not out

I made my 26th consecutive Christmas Eve ascent of Moel Famau earlier today, accompanied by Carolyn and two of her sprogs.

Carolyn (R) and me (L) on top of Moel Famau earlier today.

I very nearly didn't go. I've been nursing a severely knackered left knee for most of the week (freak decorating injury, don't ask). But I hobbled up in the end. It was blowing a hooley. Carolyn, being Carolyn, forgot to bring a coat and gloves, so I loaned her my spares.

You will stop me if this becomes boring, won't you?

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To demonstrate their sexual prowess, peacocks spread their tail feathers, men flex their muscles and eland antelope, it seems, click their knees.

Story of my bloody life. How come human females aren't turned on by clicky knees? I'd be a major heart-throb!

(Not that I'm not already, you understand.)