Taste the difference

Sainsbury's reckon they're selling ten-years old chickens.

Sainsbury's sign

Call me pedantic, but ten-year-old chickens are definitely hens.

The woman from UNCLE

UNCLEWhen I was at Boots the Chemist this morning, I couldn't help noticing that the woman behind the counter was wearing a black T-shirt with the word UNCLE emblazoned across her chest.

She didn't look like any sort of uncle I'd ever seen. I wondered if her T-shirt's inscription was intended as some strange take on the American phrase to say uncle. Somehow I doubted it. I toyed with the idea of making a lame joke about her being the Woman from Uncle, but, in the end, having lived in Yorkshire for many years, I decided that the direct approach was best:

“Do you know you've got the word UNCLE written on your T-shirt?” I asked.

The woman looked momentarily confused, stepped back, then tugged at the bottom of her T-shirt, stretching it out to reveal the word JINGLE, with a little star over the I.

This woman is allowed to dispense drugs.

Fresh from the pineapple groves of North Cumbria


Some British pineapples this morning.

Every little helps

For the second week on the run, I was unable to buy a replacement dish-brush at Tesco today. This from the store with no shortage of pickled quail's eggs.

I think they need to get back to basics.


Hand-written sign spotted in a shop in Edinburgh:


Sainsbury's receipt


Don't ask. We were feeling peckish.

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