Thou shalt not put the Lord, thy god, to the test

BBC: Lightning hits preacher after call to God
A congregation in the United States was left stunned when lightning struck a church moments after a visiting preacher asked God for a sign… The lightning struck the steeple, then hit the preacher himself when it travelled through electrical wiring to his microphone… Afterwards services resumed, however churchgoers realised after 20 minutes that the building was on fire and evacuated.

I wonder what it was they evacuated.

Let's not get too excited about this apparently divine intervention: there was a thunderstorm already in progress when this preacher issued his challenge to the almighty, the church had a steeple (making it a pretty likely target for a lightning strike), and, as one congregation member remarked, "he just kept asking God what else he needed to say" [my emphasis]—so he evidently kept going until he got a result.

OK, Lord, I'm giving you until a count of three to show us a sign: One… Two… erm… Two-and-a-half… Two-and-threeeeeeee-quaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrterrrrrr… ZAP! Halleluja! It's a miracle!

All this from the country with the world's largest nuclear arsenal. Truly frightening.

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